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The best way to contact the RABC is by emailing us directly at [email protected]  We will get in touch soon, we promise!

About the Ramblers Athletics Booster Club

The Ramblers Athletics Booster Club (RABC) was formed in 2016 with the dual mission of improving the athletic facilities at CMS and providing coaches with an outlet to raise funds to support their specific athletic programs.  As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization the RABC is uniquely positioned to provide fundraising support to each athletic program through a variety of programs such as:

  • Banner Sales Programs: This program brings together our corporate partners and provides them with tremendous advertising visibility with the purchase of a 4x6 banner that hangs throughout the school year on the fence-line by the athletic fields at CMS.  Please contact Bengi Thigpen, VP of Fundraising at 904-962-1404, for information on this exciting program.
    • Fundraiser Support: The RABC provides fundraising support for teams by providing conceptual design, advertising support, purchase of materials, coordination assistance, and more!  The RABC takes a small 15% of all funds raised into it's General Fund which is redirected into other fundraising support and capital support for facilities improvement.
    • Rambler Life Merchandise:  The concept of Rambler Life merchandise is to get our local artisans involved, when possible, to provide apparel and other merchandise, for sale through concessions efforts and throughout the Callahan community.  If you have an interest in getting your local business involved in this program please contact Shannon Hartley, President, at 904-338-4280.
    • Concessions: The RABC is currently positioned to provide concessions at each of the Rambler athletic events.  When the athletic programs provide volunteers to support this effort that athletic program gets 50% of all profits generated by the sales. The other 50% goes into the General Fund for support of fundraising efforts and facilities improvements.  For information on Concessions please contact Tony Perez, VP of Concessions, at 904-962-1404.
    • Other major fundraising efforts consist of the RABC Rambler Life Charity Golf Tournament in the Fall and a booth at the North Florida Agricultural Fair.  Please check our website regularly for updates on these programs and more!